Toil & Trouble

It’s definitely a crazy week or so. I’ve been sick, still managed a few readings, and now, I’ve done something to my left knee. I’ve been using my Reiki on it, which helps, but it’s definitely unhappy.

Plus side, I’ve discovered I’m regaining my joy of intuition reading again. My skills of picking up vibrational energy has increased dramatically. I’m so grateful to the Elements for their grace on this. Now if they’d pull back the pain, we’d be gold and silver.

This week coming, my card is Desth. Change is coming. Life will be crazy as change continues. More, this change is a new beginning which has bold consequences for the action. So, someone is due for a big payoff for some hard work making those changes internally and without. Good for you!

Remember, no matter where you are in life, the cards can guide you, hold you, even help you craft energywork. So, be brave. Be proud of who you are. You are worthy.

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