Hello October!

It’s October. One of the few months I truly enjoy. It’s a time where people tend to wear a mask that reveals their inner most self, while they cover up themselves. It’s also the time when hot, muggy Florida begins to settle down and cool off a bit.

More importantly, it’s the time when the ancient Celts counted down to the new year. This is part of my heritage and one I take part of each year. I honour the dead, and set a place for those who are missing. I want them to be welcome in my home. Being an empath means the ghosties, the ghouls, the  elves, the faeries all leave a footprint and noise.

Yet, their noise, you can feel in your soul and body, even if you don’t think you can. Many times, the true of the veil effects all of us. I mourn the loss of loved ones, but I dedicate this time to blessing those around me. Just had a great laugh session with a fellow Resister and it was so worth it after everything. 

So this month, I’m offering a couple of special readings at a special price. It won’t last this long, so definitely take advantage while you can. Ael’s Samhain Special

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