Writing in a New Medium

Writing in a new medium is tough. I grew up reading comics. I always wanted to write a comic. Luckily, I found a great teacher to help mentor me, as I mentor him in novel writing. This turned into me submitting my first comic scripts for an anthology. He helped me to prep my stories through the process.

I’m grateful. Whatever else, I still need to learn the ins and outs of the full scripting. My happiness is knowing I’ve got the basics. Now to get to the details. I have some sample scripts to help, from the great Greg Pak to my friend, Jay Sandlin.  I will get this scripting down to a science if it kills me. LOL

My happiness is I can look at my old half finished books and see which ones are meant to be graphic novels. It has increased my love for the medium. More, it’s giving me happiness because life is shifting in a positive direction. My creativity is increasing ten fold.

Comics…it does the heart good.


Some new things about me

Pick A Card Readings

I recently started filming videos. Many are decks reviews with readings. Some are free pick a card readings that allow people to choose a deck of cards to unlock information regarding a topic. Popular themes are about soulmates, past lives, psychic talents, new careers, love life, and more. I find I enjoy watching and creating these, especially when I do a “Choose Your Own Reading” by crystals. To me, it’s one of the best ways to let people customise their own readings so it’s unlike anyone else’s. Here’s one of my Pick A Card readings for you to enjoy.


Toil & Trouble

It’s definitely a crazy week or so. I’ve been sick, still managed a few readings, and now, I’ve done something to my left knee. I’ve been using my Reiki on it, which helps, but it’s definitely unhappy.

Plus side, I’ve discovered I’m regaining my joy of intuition reading again. My skills of picking up vibrational energy has increased dramatically. I’m so grateful to the Elements for their grace on this. Now if they’d pull back the pain, we’d be gold and silver.

This week coming, my card is Desth. Change is coming. Life will be crazy as change continues. More, this change is a new beginning which has bold consequences for the action. So, someone is due for a big payoff for some hard work making those changes internally and without. Good for you!

Remember, no matter where you are in life, the cards can guide you, hold you, even help you craft energywork. So, be brave. Be proud of who you are. You are worthy.

Hello October!

It’s October. One of the few months I truly enjoy. It’s a time where people tend to wear a mask that reveals their inner most self, while they cover up themselves. It’s also the time when hot, muggy Florida begins to settle down and cool off a bit.

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Fairy Lenormand review

YouTube channel

I do have a YouTube channel. It’s for all the things here and more.